The Universe of Bias & Stereotyping : Part 1

Some of the Big Biases in Change & Innovation:

Source: Futureproofing / Sean Moffitt

Some of the Big Biases in Politics:

Source: Predict it/Visual Capitalist

Some of the Big Biases in the Workplace:


Some of the Big Biases in Media:

Source: Endicott Labs

Cognitive Biases — The Universe:

#1 Action Bias — preferring doing something to doing nothing, even when inaction would be more effective, or to act when no evident problem exists

Continued Influence Effect
Dunning-Kruger Effect
The Gartner Hype Cycle and peak of Exaggerated Expectations
Fundamental Attribution Error — illustration by: Lakshmi Mani
Hot Hand Fallacy in Basketball Source: 100 Behaviors
Illusory Truth Effect — Source: Cognitive Skew
Intensity Bias Penguin-Style — Source: SMBC
Loss Aversion
Game Show — Deal or No Deal — Entertainment with Motivating Uncertainty
Not Invented Here Bias Source: Mahesh Kumar
The Peak-End rulke
Pygmalion Effect Source: The Duna Diaries
Rhyme & Reason Effect — The O.J. Simpson Acquittal
Selection Bias
Spacing Effect Source; Kahoot
System Justification
Truth Bias Source; Sara August
Zero Sum Bias — Source: Anna D. Hirsch

The Event — Bias & Stereotyping — The Craft Building Series #21

Grey Swan Guild — 50 Shades of … Grey Thinkers

Hopefully some of you will think about joining our collective that tries to make sense of thee world and the future.

Profile Group This Week — Critical Thimnkers & Problem Solvers



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