Eight Questions With Featured Grey Swan Guild Member: Akash Das

Our Eight Questions is part of our ongoing series profiling some of the amazingly talented members of our global Grey Swan Guild and get behind the curtain of what makes them think and sense the world differently and more effectively than others.

Akash Das —Designer by training, futures articulator & educator by profession, critical thinker and dot-connector by habit — currently based in India, but not for long!

A Sensemaking Metaphorical Tool You Personify:

The Chaos Tapestry of Future Congruence?

1. Who are you/ what makes you tick?

2. What are some of the important questions that you are making sense of nowadays?

3. How are some of the ways you go about making sense of the world?

4. What is overhyped? What is underhyped?

5. Who is at your sensemaker last supper? Five people?

6. What big and small question would you love answered or solved?

7. When you are not thinking deeply about the world, what else are you passionate about in your day to day life?

8. What do you enjoy about being part of the Guild, being part of the F+S Expert Squad and being 1,000 Day Radar?

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