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February 3, 2022: The Future of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (DIEB) in Society, Edition #5, Vol 2, The Grey Swan Guild Wrap

Editor: Antonia Nicols & Rob Tyrie with submissions from the brilliant guides of the Grey Swan Guild, a virtual Think Tank that does stuff like this.

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We weave in the rest of the zeitgeist into the Wrap and the week that was. These related threads are for the reader to pause from their Wordle and use them to consider and rethink their view.

Meme of the Theme

“Did you hear the one about the man, woman, boy and girl who…. “ Surely to tick someone off. If we don’t laugh, we cry. There must be some research on how the exploration humour and how it helps bind humans or divides use like a guillotine. The source of this pic says it all. “12 of The Least Offensive Diversity Memes”. Who sets these measures? And who watches the watchers as morals, mores and cultures evolve and change. In the inimitable words of Larry (M*A*S*H) Gelbart, “Most Jokes State A Bitter Truth”.

National Diversity and Homophonery

You know, I was very Hungary one day, so I went to go Czech the fridge. I managed to find some Turkey that was leftover from Thanksgiving, but it was all covered in Greece. So I closed the fridge and Czech’d the pantry. I saw a Canada beans, so I grabbed them and microwaved them, but it exploded. My mom says that Iran out of diversity with food, and that I needed to expand on that. She also mentioned we need to get groceries. I said “Denmark my words, I shall go to the grocery store!”.


Thank Merriam. The synonyms for diversity, so far… what will we add this year?

Chartz of the week

Neurodiversity must be considered
Science the shit of this
Be Anti-Slavery

Book List of the week:

24 Black Romance Books To Add To Your TBR List In 2022 | Book Riot

Sizzling read. Fiction is the Lie that Tells the Truth


Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, issues today the 2020 edition of the publication Eurostat regional yearbook, which provides a statistical overview of the regions of the EU across a broad range of subjects: population, health, education, the labour market, living conditions, the economy, business, research and innovation, digital society, tourism, transport, the environment and agriculture. This year’s edition includes new additional chapters: one on statistics related to living conditions, which can be used to analyse progress with respect to the European Pillar of Social Rights, and the other on the environment and natural resources, which helps to assess developments in relation to the European Green Deal.”

Movie of the Week

Now, this is a melange of delicious differences. “In this romantic comedy written and directed by Mike Mosallam, a white American named Kal (Michael Cassidy) and a Lebanese-American named Mo (Haaz Sleiman) fall in love in West Hollywood and learn to adjust to their cultural differences. Their courtship begins during Ramadan, a Muslim tradition of fasting and abstaining from sex for a month.” — Newnownext.com

What’s Next:

This week is edition #5 of a compendium of stories and headlines we’re tracking in the Grey Swan Guild’s Global League of Sensemakers’ Newsroom. Imagine a newsroom that went deeper, had little bias and didn’t have to get their points across in 40-second sound bytes or linkbait headlines. That’s us.

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Making Sense of the World’s Biggest Challenges & Next Grey Swans — curating and creating knowledge through observation, informed futurism, and analysis🦢