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Gender emerging …Our humanity depends on it.

Volume 2 Edition Q#12 The Wrap — Lead Editors @Rick Botelho and Paula Papel

These are a series of stories and headlines we are tracking in the
Grey Swan Guild’s Global League of Sensemakers Newsroom. Here is The Great, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Grey of what we observed the week that was. The focus in this new monthly series is Equity and the questions we need to answer about attaining it everywhere. In a 10 Billion person earth, is there really any other way to really live fairly? It is not something that emerges, it is something that is built. Let’s build it toghether.

The continuum continues ♂👫♀E⚤Q⚢U⚧️I⚣T⚥Y

EQUITYemerging March 2022 Edition — EQUITYemerging themed recurring series edited by #EquityMuse & INTERcultures 🌏 MEDIA in collaboration with insightful & intersectional members of the virtual think tank Grey Swan Guild

The premise of this EQUITYemerging article series is to highlight the ways in which our Earth societies have changed in their thinking and in their actions regarding the egalitarian concept of Equity as every human’s birthright.
EQUITY encompasses the notions of equality and justice (solutions) applicable to all no matter what gender, culture, ethnicity, language, class, religious affiliation or other association each person may designate for themselves as part of their unique intersectional identity.

Gender EQUITYemerging
… Our humanity depends on it to survive uncertainty.
As many around the world raise awareness, call for greater activism to promote Gender Equality, and celebrate all aspects of International Women’s Day, Gender Week and Women’s History Month — during this month of March, we are reminded that in 2022, there are still people of many gender identities in varying global situations of gender inequity, where the paths to equal and just access to life-fulfilling opportunities, individual freedoms, and even legally declared universal human rights are still not being observed nor enforced, let alone celebrated.



Neil deGrasseTyson.
Scientific assertions set to music for the educational program, SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE

EDUGRAPHIC: Besides the traditional Gingerbread Man & Woman — behold the all-inclusive GENDERbread Person, to obtain a more complete understanding of the continuum of human gender expression, identity, orientation and biology. Important to note that these gender continuums are not limited to humans — you will also find similar gender variety in nature, extending to variable reproductive & gestational capacity along the continuum spread.

A guide to pronouns and gender-inclusive language. –THEY/THEM/THEIR –SHE/HER/HER –HE/HIM/HIS –ONE/ONE / ONE’S *INTERACTIVE: What are YOUR pronouns? — A common question in many societies now all over the world and in many languages when educating students, establishing organizational contexts, or workplace actions and attitudes based on inclusivity rather than political correctness.

Politically Correct vs. Inclusive Behavior: What is the difference?
= Inclusivity internally driven — equity-based values, mindset & actions — being a better person to others
= Political Correctnessexternally driven — performative actions — gaining approval from others, optics in order to obtain/retain power.
How to Make Your Organization’s Language More Inclusive
TEDx : The hidden power of inclusive language — biases, data deficits, mental models
Words Matter: Creating Inclusive Language in Aerospace



1. COVID IMPACT Report: COVID-19 pandemic lengthening the time to reach gender equality by 51 years, from 2120 to 2171. Accenture Research collaborated with the W20 to produce, If Not Now, When? a report that details the unequal impact of COVID-19 on women, and the role that businesses and governments must now play for society to continue its progress towards gender equality.

2. BURNOUT Podcast -“The state of burnout for women in the workplace,” February 16, 2022 Compared with men, senior women leaders report higher rates of burnout, chronic stress, and exhaustion. In this episode of The McKinsey Podcast, senior partners and leaders Alexis Krivkovich and Lareina Yee join Lucia Rahilly, global editorial director, to discuss some of the startling and hopeful results recently released in the Women in the Workplace 2021 report.

3.UNDER-EMPLOYMENT & UNEMPLOYMENT -Transgender people continue to face stigma and discrimination, despite gains in public visibility. Those struggles carry over to the workforce, where transgender people overall are underrepresented, according to our recent survey: nearly 30 percent of transgender people in the United States are not in the workforce and are twice as likely as the cisgender population to be unemployed.


1.Sky News Australia: Inclusive language a ‘tactical move’ to change how we think about gender — The use of inclusive language around motherhood and parenting is a “tactical move” to change societal views of gender, according to the Financial Review’s Aaron Patrick.

2.Lactation Education: Inclusive Language & Inclusive Care for the LGBTQ+ Community Stephanie Wagner, BSN, RN, CLE, IBCLC, RLC, speaking on addressing lactating people in “The Critical Need for Inclusive Language and Inclusive Care for the LGBTQ+ Chestfeeding/Bodyfeeding Community” as part of the GOLD Lactation Online Conference 2022.

3.Scant Gender Equity in Health Care & Labor Conditions for Care Work :


International Campaigns and Fora to promote systemic gender change:

#FliptheScript #GenerationEquality

1.UN WOMEN: In 2022, UNESCO joins its voice to that of the entire UN family by celebrating this International Women’s Day under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow “ recognizing the contribution of women and girls around the world who are leading the charge on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, to build a more sustainable future for all.

2. More gender-based data tracking across organizations like OECD and UNICEF: The Gender Action Plan (2022–2025) for children, adolescents and women worldwide — seeks transformative change by tracking significant data.

EPIC — Coalition for Equal Pay, tracking of SDG 8–5 for equal pay recognized as a human right | Other country Coalitions also rise

More GENDER EQUITY Multimedia Resources than ever before:
podcasts, movies, courses, posters, books,

THE SAFE ZONE PROJECT: free online resource for LGBTQ+ awareness and ally training workshops

Social Justice, Minus Dogma: Online self-paced six-module course- Charting a Path Toward Equity

Gender Inclusive Language Posters and Educational Decks: Spanish

Enhanced organizational toolkits & government gender analysis resources:

►More HERstories / OURstories being narrated in publishing, media, film:

🎬 🔎Available on Dr. Foreman’s Youtube channel
♀ Dr. Amanda Foreman’s eye-opening documentary series -This 4-part documentary series, originally aired on BBC2 is an insightful HERstory of ancient matriarchal origins to patriarchal legal encoding, looking at recorded history and revealing evidence from Eastern & Western Civilisations past.

📚 Latest publication, #WorldMadeByWomen to be released in 2023.

Gender EQUITY emerging

~ Audience Musings to Evocative Questions about the Future of Gender Equity

  1. Matriarchy: What can we learn from past and present matriarchal societies for the good of our planet?
  2. Ugly Patriarchy: How can women and male allies prevent toxic masculine syndrome and the rise of politicians with asocial leadership personality disorder (pathological megalomania, narcissism, sociopathy and authoritarianism)?
  3. Bad Patriarchy: How can women help men understand their shadows of bad patriarchy? such as mansplaining.
  4. Co-archy: How can womxn & mxle allies become more effective in co-elevating co-archy?
  5. Taking it Forward: What aspects of the conversation impacted you most and what will you take forward into your future inquiries and conversations about Gender Equity?


Please join us for an insightful and intersectional open conversation about GENDER EQUITY EMERGING

this Sunday March 27th at 11am EST in the Grey Swan Guild Clubhouse.



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