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The Great, The Good, The Grey Zone, The Bad and The Ugly of Heroism & Villainry

News Wrap Edition #2c of Volume 2 - Making Sense of the Week That Was

Author: Sean Moffitt

There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He’s ordinary.” Foo Fighters

Part of our six part series on Heroes: here is Part 1 — The Deep Dive and Part II - Top 20 Hero Song Anthems.

Here are some of the role models and examples from early 2022 of superheroes, everyday heroes, anti-heroes, fake heroes and villains.

The Great — Superheroes Fascinate Us and Are Among Us

1.Disney+ Leveraging Superheroes to $$$ and Fame — Marvel’s never endless stream of superheroes

2. New Parents Develop Super Powers Within Two Months of After Having a Baby

  • According to a survey by One Poll, new parents develop powers well beyond their pre-parent abilities:
  • Empathy — 86% believe their child’s milestones felt more rewarding than their own
  • Protective Reflexes — almost three in five parents learn what “dad/mom reflexes” are within the first two months of parenthood.
  • Super Strength — 53% of all parents formed “super strength,” such as opening their kid’s powerful little hands full of something they shouldn’t have.
  • Role Modelling — 43% found that becoming a role model was the biggest way they had to adapt to becoming a parent

(Source: Talker)

3. Real-life “Lassie” New Hampshire Dog Saves Owners from Hypothermia and Traffic Crash with Amazing level of Commitment

Tinsley — Superhero Dog

The Good — Everyday Heroes Creating Impact

1.Helicopter Near Miss — The Fortuity of Downing a Failed Helicopter in an Urban Setting

2. Ever Wonder, Who Drives Those Packages Up to Your Front Door, and What Heroic and Charitable Feats They Might they be Capable Of? Wonder no more.

3. Robin Baucom, 59, A Grandmother and Another Fallen Everyday Hero, Springs to Action Preventing a Robbery

  • She may never get her spotlight in the news, of a massive Texas state funeral but this Cracker Barrel employee exhibits the best of us. She had a choice — leave a fellow employee to a robbery and assault, shut the door and be safe, or pull the employee inside and try to shut the door. She made the correct choice but unfortunately sacrificed her own life in a callous shooting. She leaves behind a husband, three children, and three grandchildren. (Source: Fox News)
Caleb Allen — Louisville UPS Everyday Hero https://about.ups.com/us/en/our-stories/people-led/super-upser-caleb-allen.html

The Grey Zone of Uncertainty — The Mixed Verdict of Anti-Heroes

1.We all have alternative identities — good, bad and indifferent — even our superheroes

2. Cannes Film Festival Winner “A Hero” — Personifies The Messiness of People in Traditional, Theocratic Iran

3. The Complicated Tale of the Wold’s Leading Tennis Player — Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic — A Complicated Virtuoso & Anti-Hero

The Bad — Fake Heroes Operating Under our Wire

1.How to Kill a God — The Myth of Captain Cook and the Toppling of Colonial Heroes and Statues

2. When a Superhero Movie Goes Off the Rails — Justice League: Poor Story, Poor Filming, Bad Behavior

3. It Takes a Particular Lack of Shame to Fake a Disability — The Problem & Faking Involved at the Paralympics

  • Most of Olympic cheating has been written about steroids and blood doping, here is another one that gets overlooked — manipulating disability classifications, the process that determines their level of disability and subsequent competitive eligibility. Its victims — the people that are actually disabled that cannot compete against unbeatable able-bodied rivals. (Source: National Post)
Faking Disability at the Five Rings — https://knowitinfo.com/paralympic-classification-controversy/

The Ugly — Villains, Monsters and Demons

1.Silicon Valley Fake it ’til you Make It, Hyper Confidence on the Stand — Self Aggrandisement at its peak, We Give You Elizabeth Holmes

2. Uganda’s Machete Murders — Sociopaths, Greed, Macabre, Power and Threats All Meshed into One.

There is something very sickly about a spate of indiscriminate machete murders in Uganda against people aged 6 to 90. Her is some video of these panga cowards. The plot thickens as these episodes are now being used as political false flags. Usually evil at least has some quasi-sensible motive, this level of villainry apparently has little. (Source: Independent Uganda)

3. The Face of Pure Evil — Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, murderer of 77 people, up for Parole Hearing Again

Remorseless and unfortunately influential in other mass white supremist activity around the world. The killer’s 10th anniversary of his bombing in Oslo and opening fire on a left leaning youth camp, murdering predominantly teenagers has now received another parole hearing. Unfortunately not deserved of any of the press he has still been given and one could argue his three room cell flush with video games, a DVD player, a typewriter, books, newspapers and exercise equipment is way too good of a fate for a monster like this. If you think he’s sorry for any of his acts, he is neither smart or sympathetic by his Nazi salutes and sign wielding in court “Stop your genocide against our white nations” and “Nazi-Civil-War.” A true scourge on the world. (Source: The Washington Post)

Elizabeth Holmes — Not the Next Steve Jobs, But Close https://abcnews.go.com/Business/nightline-documentary-podcast-dropout-story-elizabeth-holmes-theranos/story?id=60365362

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