Heroes — Superheroes, Everyday Heroes, Anti-heroes, Fake Heroes and Villains

There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He’s ordinary.” Foo Fighters

The Great — Superheroes Fascinate Us and Are Among Us

Tinsley — Superhero Dog

The Good — Everyday Heroes Creating Impact

Caleb Allen — Louisville UPS Everyday Hero https://about.ups.com/us/en/our-stories/people-led/super-upser-caleb-allen.html

The Grey Zone of Uncertainty — The Mixed Verdict of Anti-Heroes

Novak Djokovic — A Complicated Virtuoso & Anti-Hero

The Bad — Fake Heroes Operating Under our Wire

Faking Disability at the Five Rings — https://knowitinfo.com/paralympic-classification-controversy/

The Ugly — Villains, Monsters and Demons

Elizabeth Holmes — Not the Next Steve Jobs, But Close https://abcnews.go.com/Business/nightline-documentary-podcast-dropout-story-elizabeth-holmes-theranos/story?id=60365362

Grey Swan Guild — Join 50 Shades of Grey Leaders, Thinkers and Doers

Welcome New Guild Members — The Regatta of Swans

Join us the third Wednesday of each month — Wednesday January 19th 10am ET

January 2022 Feature Guild City — Montreal

Grey Swan Guild



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