Making Sense of the Week That Was #30 — “Climate Escalation”, August 13th, 2021

Grey Swan Guild News Wrap Edition: Aug 13, 2021 #30 of Vol. 1

Theme: Climate Escalation (Literally & more literal than ever) Lead Editor: Agustin Borrasas

GSG core member — Agustín Borrazás.
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The Great 😇

Welcome Messi to PSG.
  1. Don’t cry for me Argentina. “Get Messi with crypto Lionel Messi fought back tears as he began a press conference at which he confirmed he is leaving Barcelona, the football club where he has played his entire career.
LAVO’s World-First Home Hydrogen Battery diagram.
Aug 1st , 2021 Dave Parkins / The Globe and Mail.

The Good😊🙌

  1. We hear the train a-coming. The world’s first audio earrings from NOVA. Travel straight from the ear lobe into the ear canal. Real pearl earrings mapped onto a silver plate.
NOVA audio earrings.
Drilling or Cutting Hard Disk Drives — Recycle IT

The Bad 😬

  1. We don’t need no education. The Kindergarten Exodus: As the pandemic took hold, more than 1 million children did not enroll in local schools. Many of them were the most vulnerable: 5-year-olds in low-income neighborhoods.
graphic river.

The Ugly 😱

  1. Not just the beds burning. Wildfires burn a 2500-year-old olive tree to the ground.

The Tapestry 🎨

Meme of the Week

The past weekend, an announcement was made that left all the space enthusiasts in anticipation of what might be coming their way. A startup, Geometric Energy Corp (GEC) used SpaceX to send an advertising billboard into the space.

Billboard ruining space … lol

Chart of the Week

A damning new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has laid out a very ambitious target for the world if it is to keep avoid climate change catastrophe in the near future. According to Global Carbon Project, in 2017, projected global CO2 emissions were 35.5 billion tonnes. Over the next 12 years, by 2030, this would have to drop by 45 percent to 17.9 billion and then come down to 0.0 by 2050.

Act now. Stop this madness.

Term of the Week

Defensible Space.

US Programs and recommendation to create fire breaks to anticipate the fires coming. Look to the insurance to make these programs the new fire alarm. “The Atlantic: When Your Yard Can Kill You.

Photo of the Week

Ay me va a dar algo!

Video of the Week

Climate crisis: one month of flash floods, wildfires and heatwaves.

That’s the Wrap! Your thoughts?

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