The Day of the Swan — A Grey Swan Guild Conference — May 26th

The Day of The Swan is a live online International Zoom conference. It is shaped by the ideas, concepts and philosophies of The Grey Swan Guild, a global, virtual think tank that emerged in 2020.

Search for The Guild on LinkedIn to Register. Limited spaces.

The mission of the Grey Swan Guild is to make better sense of societal, cultural, economic, marketplace and workplace challenges for business leaders, policymakers, educators and curious others. It is open, accessible and inclusive. Our aim is to surface, inspire, and invite additional evidence-based observations, perspectives, contributions and opportunities from those who are committed to affecting and influencing positive change. Now with over 4,000 influencers with a social media reach of millions, we have a voice, and we produce things to make the world better. The Grey Swan Guild is a not-for-profit all-volunteer, flat, passion-fueled group that keeps growing organically every day. We are a “Do Tank”, not just a Think Tank. It’s working.

The theme of this second annual Day of the Swan is “Sensemaking and Futures Thinking” applied in your context. The thinkers in The Guild, use broad frameworks, macro /micro-structures and tactics like Agile Sprints to not only respond but to help change the way you think and to engage with people you would not otherwise meet. We also use plain old conversations, storytelling and writing to get our message across.

Over the last year, we have published weekly, run events every month and have joined with thousands of participants to think differently about the world, society and the economy. We deal with the current shifts and get ready to lead others. The Guild was birthed in response to making sense of COVID-19, yet another worldwide pandemic, but now there is so much more. In the last two years, we have all been challenged by disease, multiple massive-scale wars, economic depression, supply chain interruptions, record levels of inflation at the same time as the Great Resign and the largest scale of open jobs in western countries in history. The Guild has responded too. Adding in extreme weather, fear over climate change and the paradigm shifts to move the world away from non-renewable oil and gas resources — there is a lot to consider in surviving and thriving in this modern age, for different reasons no matter where one lives.

So, we will meet online, in a series of 24, 45-minute sessions with time set aside to interreact and ask the questions so important to sensemaking. Each session is led by a passionate practitioner to share with the members and participants points of view, information, facts and wisdom. We will be enlightened about psychology society, history, technology, crypto economies, BitCoin, Collective Intelligence, Future Proofing and more.

Some Highlights:

Captains MCing and Interstitials — Rob T, Sean Moffit, Lauren N, Louise M, Paula P and Gordon W. Special Cameos, Agustin B, Lindsay F.

A smattering of the session leaders — all this and more:

  • Dave De Bakker — Storie, Myths and their impact on cultural metaphors, Netherlands
  • Gordon Withrow — Emerging Meta-People , United States
  • Louise Mobraw — Powe of Collective Wisdom, South Africa, UK
  • Lauren Nignon — Collective Inteligence and Wierdos, France
  • Giada Ferruci — Futures, Mental Health and Trauma, El Salvador
  • Mitchell Halpren — The Disruption of Consulting. United States
  • Fernando Gutierrez — The Sense and Future of Space Exploration and Travel, United States
  • Brendon MacNaughton — The Future of Art, VR and the coming metaverse, Canada
  • Jennifer Evans — Activism, Affordable homes, UBI in the Future, Canada
  • Julie Freeland — Author, Take Your Shoes Off, United States
  • Howard Fields and Gina Clifford — OmniFutures Live! (a podcast), Florida
  • Scott Phares — Looking to the past to make a future of antiques in the US midwest
  • Umra Beba — Diversity and the future of life, Turkey
  • Sonja Blignaut — Cultivating Complexity Fitness and becoming curators of cool, South Africa

See our full schedule of speakers and live-to-digital recordings here on our website or on (day-at-glance).

For you, The Guild has gathered a collaborative group of knowledgeable experts who want to share their ideas, concepts, practices, experiences and artifacts with like-minded people. Learn with us.

The Day of the Swan is free and open to all who can join us for an hour or a day, whatever you can offer to share in the experience. Join us from 8 am to 8 am on Thursday, May 26. To Register, come here. Time is limited but Space is not.

Registration Link




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