The Day of the Swan II

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4 min readMay 26, 2022


Celebrate the second anniversary of the Guild with 24 Hours of Intelligence & Learning

Join us either live or for our recorded versions:

Politics has its State of the Union… Golf has its Masters…Entertainment has the Oscars…Science has the Nobel Prize…Making Sense of the World Has The Day of The Swan

Join us any time between Thursday May 26th 8am ET today and Friday May 27th 8am ET tomorrow or join the stream directly:

The 25 Sessions:

Session #1 — Kickoff

Session #2 — The GSG Newshour

Session #3 — Myths & Metaphors

Session #4 — Emerging Meta-People

Session #5 — The Power of Collective Wisdom

Session #6 — Futures & Mental Health

Session #7 — Bridging Divides, Challenging Beliefs and VUCA

Session #8 — The Omni Future Live with Steve Wells

Session #9 — Futuregazing for Teens

Session #10 — Universal Basic Income

Session #11 — Sprints and the Speed of Change

Session #12 — The Spectrum of Assholes

Session #13 — Antique Business Model Relevance & Experiential Memoir

Session #14 — The Democratization of Space

Session #15 — Art & the Metaverse

Session #16 — A Candid Chat

Session #17 — Ways to Improve The World

Session #18 — Craft Building & Experimentation

Section #19 — Climate Change

Section #20 — Diversity & Inclusion

Section #21 — Complexity

Section #22 — Crypto, Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTS

Section #23 — Radar Collection & Capturing Actionable Trends

Section #24 — Disruptive Australia

Section #25 — The Day of the Swan Debrief and Look Ahead

Come become part of our interactive sessions and join our full day movement of making sense of the world.

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