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The Day of the Swan II Schedule at a Glace — All Times in EST

The Advance Lobby

Getting ready, grabbing coffee, tailgating the Day of the Swan (DOTS), meeting the early birds and morning salutations.

Founders & Captains

8am — The Day of The Swan II Kickoff

Recap of the last year, a peek into 2022/23, seven ways to get involved and how this year’s second Guild anniversary and Day of the Swan will unfold.

Rob Tyrie

8:15 — The GSG Newshour

Headlines from the Three Month Future — what are the lead stories over the next 90 days, what are we excited to cover and how will today’s headlines evolve.

The News Wrap Team

9:00 — Myth and Metaphors: Impact on the Human Capacity for Change

The role of myth and metaphors on the capacity for change and imagination

Dave De Bakker

10:00 — Emerging Meta-People:

The Promise of AI Delivered?

A carefully curated review of recent Meta-people that are being created across the globe using Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Robotics. How will these “people” evolve? Is this a good start or a disappointment?

Gordon Withrow

11:00 — The Power of Collective Wisdom

The Future of Leadership. Work Better, Together. An exploration of the mental models we need to develop to navigate ambiguity and the rate and pace of change and how we can harness the power of diversity in ourselves and others to become “future fit”.

Louise Mowbray

12:00 — Global and Regional Futures of Prioritizing Trauma-informed Mental Health Services

From El Salvador to Ukraine to Planet Earth: How prioritizing the mental health of populations in war-torn or violence-ridden regions today, derive benefits for regional and global political, social and economic stability in the future

Giada Ferrucci with discussion moderator, Paula Papel

1:00 — Bridging Divides by Challenging Beliefs: Learning to Collaborate in a VUCA World

The need for global collaboration is at an all-time high, yet identities that divide seem to be the primary attribute defining us all. How can you encourage collaboration in a volatile and uncertain world? How can divides be bridged in the midst of complexity and ambiguity? These are the questions we will discuss in this interactive workshop-style session. This will be an interactive workshop-style session with small group breakouts, debate and active chat interspersed between 5–10 min presentation chunks.

Julia Claeys Freeland

2:00 — The Omni Future Live

We will produce and record an interactive podcast about the many probable & possible futures interview with a primary guest and other pre-selected participants that will be of interest to a broad audience.

Howard Fields and Gina Clifford

3:00 Futuregazing for Teens — Providing Agency for a Better Future

One of the overlooked challenges and legacies of our pandemic are the increased mental health issues, the inability to plan for the future and the general loss of hope among teens that has remained high. As part of Grey Swan Guild’s key social impact Cygnus Venture — Futuregazing stands as a mission. for hope — how do teens role model and demonstrate for other teens. Our panel of six will provide their ambitions, the importance of getting this right and how to empower teens to take agency over their future.

Geeta Dhir

4:00 — Universal Basic Income … and your city. Is it beautiful or tragic?

Universal Basic income will change all cities What is a basic income? it’s an idea that has come a long way in just a few short years. Skills and employment are changing dramatically, poverty is rampant, many jobs are being taken over by AI and automation. Where does that leave a still-expanding global workforce? We’ll look at the rationale, the kinds of basic incomes, pilots, data, and why they are painted as both saviour and nightmare by fans and foes alike, depending on the variation.

Jen Evans

5:00 Sprint — The Speed of Change is Even Faster

Too often, the people advocating for responses to disruption aren’t disrupting themselves, In this session, we cover the disruption of professional services, consulting, advisory and change work. What we have discovered, where are the gaps, what are the underutilized resources and how much faster has the world really become? We are in the age of the Sprint and the need for speed. Added Bonus — Cygnus Sprints in seven parts.

Mitchell Halpern

6:00 — The Spectrum of Assholes

Assholes are everywhere. Some are dangerous, some lovable. The dangerous one can cause psychological damage. Some assholes are very subtle in terrible ways, These are the most dangerous because they lower your defences. This session will help people identify the types and techniques of assholery. It will give people tools and techniques to act and react to situations to protect yourselves and others.

Lauren Nignon

7:00 — Tricia’s Treasures, an adaptation of an antique business model into today’s changing world.

During the pandemic, many were forced to work from home, and the need to get out of the basement office created more than just a small business.

The search for an office, the realization we had a diverse business model, adapting and evolving to create growth, eyes currently on the future and model repeatability

Scott Phares

8:00 — Space For All: The Democratization of Space

Making sense of the current state of commercial space and what’s next for private and public ventures. Space exploration used to be the purview of governmental agencies with lofty goals and large budgets. Advancement in materials technology and continued miniaturization, coupled with an explosion if venture capital interest in commercial space ventures, has changed the landscape. During this session, we’ll take a look at what this means for commercial space ventures in both the developed and developing world, as well as exploring how these changes may affect the mission of traditional governmental space agencies.

Fernando Gutierrez

9:00 There is not a metaverse. There will be only one metaverse

ArtGateVR. Art in the metaverse.

Brendon MacNaughton

10:00 - All in a View and a Direction

Talk to a Millenial about the Future that is now.

Jacob Tyrie with Rob Tyrie (Father and son)

11:00 The Fly Trap — Capturing the 25 Ways to Improve The World

The motivation in this segment is to identify 25 new breakthrough ideas of how to improve the world in work, life, play, socializing, travelling, sleeping, eating, and learning. Come on add to our mix. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. The only ask — make these ideas something the world hasn’t heard about yet.

Sean Moffitt

12:00 Craft Building Series — Experimentation and The Power of Doing

Our Craft Building Series will host Edition #30 of its series within Day of The Swan — climbing behind the curtain of our craft to explore experimentation as a way of being. All life is an experiment, the more experiments you make the better. Let’s get behind the curtain of our craft and see how we go about it, the different perspectives, the key debates, the top approaches, the seasoned tips, the leading resources, the big tips and where it goes next. Let’s learn together.

Craft Building Group

May 27 1AM Fahrenheit 4.51° — The Climate Change-Demic

“Climate Change” is our #1 sustainable development challenge for our future. So what are we going to do about it? Where are we tracking? What are the nexus of causes? What are some breakout options and thoughts to reverse it, ameliorate it, tolerate it and/or deal with its inevitability? Let’s get a barometer on our world’s thermometer.

May 27 2AM Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Umran Beba

May 27 3AM Cultivating Complexity Fitness: Becoming Curators of COOL

Future fitness and complexity fitness are intertwined.

Sonja Blignaut

May 27 4am Decrytofying Crypto — Blockchain for People in the Real World

Look up the term crypto in search and you will either get “crypto is so dumb, stupid, slow, volatile, dead, energy-intensive” or “crypto is so popular, important, secure, easy, revolutionary, safe”. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. Perhaps we’ll settle on one. Let’s get the crypto facts, debunks some myths and get the implications for the real world, where most of us live. We’ll look at the opportunities, issues, use cases and debates for cryptography, NFTs and its blockchain cousin.

May 27 5am Radar Collection — Minimizing the Surprise of the Next 1,000 Days

Multidisciplinary Futures that people can actually act on. They need to focus a little more on where they are going versus where they have come from. While organizations need foresight, they are notorious for their bias for short-term and narrow thinking, sometimes either suppressing or rejecting foresight. Conversely, there is a futures industry that is far future abstract and never can define the implications for actions in the now. The need for futures thinking that changes your now, tools and approaches to bring the future forward and ways to bring it to life have never been more important. Let’s solve for this. Bonus — pre-teasing the launch of Grey Swan’s Radar Collection.

Akash Das

May 27 6AM Disruptive Australia

The Australian region has been characterized by “change” and “disruption” in recent times and the “foreseeable future”, geo-politics, economic spheres, socio-economics, environmental flashpoints, social and cultural shifts, and technology springboards. All are on the table, let’s discuss.

The Aussies

Many 27 7AM The Guild Cast Back, The Guild Cast Forward

Recap of the highlights of the day that was the Day of the Swan II with session captains and leaders and gaze forward as we look at the third year of the Grey Swan guild

Captains and Leaders



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