The Wrap Vol 2, #18 — The Future of Sports & Fitness

Read our supplement ot our post 100+ quotable and impartable life lessons about sport :

The 1st Inning — Play

  1. Automated Referring & Umpiring — it’s time has come. When we tolerate up to 25% error in human-based arbitrating of important sports decisions, we need a better way. It’s worked in tennis, other sports are next.
  2. The Plant-Based Athlete — is it possible? Have a review.
  3. The line between sports, entertainment and gaming is indeed blurring find out why and how EA is at epicentre:
  • EA’s earnings nearly doubled between Q2 2021 and Q2 2022,
  • EA has M&A activity — $2.1B for mobile developer Glu Mobile, $1.4B for Playdemic and its $1.2B for racing game company Codemasters
  • EA has has 100MM fans inside its FIFA franchise over the last 6 months
  • EA sights are on hitting over 500MM fans over the next two years
  • EA has just built out a creator network

The 2nd Inning — Participation

  1. Are your sneakers in the Metaverse? A cavalcade of sports brands are going there. But why? Here are some starter thoughts form the Sports Metaverse. Has our digital life become just as important as our real life?
  2. Societal health is backing up. We have become less physically fit than we have ever been — our resting metabolic rates are 6% less than they were in 1820 equating to 30 minutes less exercise than 200 years ago. What are the implications of being less healthy than we’ve even been?
  3. eSports is taking root. The ten most popular e-sports games …and if you are sports fan they are not what you think.
  • #1 Counterstrike — 13k professional players
  • #2 League of Legends — 7k professional players
  • #3 Fortnite — 4k professional players
  • #4 DOTA — 4k professional players
  • #5 Overwatch — 3k professional players
  • #6 Hearthstone — 100 million registered players
  • #7 Rocket League — 50 million registered players
  • #8 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege — 40 million players
  • #9 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PubG) — 400 million total players
  • #10 FIFA — 50 million players.

The 3rd Inning — Training

  1. The Future of Fitness is Gamified and Technologied. Traditional gyms are on the ropes, home fitness has found traction during the pandemic. The new fitness advocate wants their performance to be measured, gamified and visual at their finger tips. We are on in the Peloton era now. Others may inherit it’s wobbly chalice and find themselves in your living room. Now that this liminal period of COVID is opening up the world again, the thought is our future gym might be hybrid. Here are ten trends on the horizon.
  2. Technology and your fitness is growing up. The three themes of the recent FitTech Summit:

The 4th Inning — Fanship & Followership

  1. The relationship between Athletes and Fan is a Fraught One. Will these improve? Will they get worse? Or will athletes bypass them all together? Seen through the lens of a dispute.
  2. What does Vegas become without a monopoly on gambling? Is the future of Las Vegas pivoting from gambling on sporting events to hosting big sporting events? Some thoughts …what happens in Vegas, I guess no longer stays in Vegas.
  3. The decoupling of athletic performance and sport earning potential. Earnings can be based on fame, personality and more social media influenced traits. Should an athlete’s earning be based on performance and contribution to winning or based on fame, popularity and ability to sell tickets?

The 5th Inning — Leadership

The 6th Inning — The Live Experience

  1. What have sports learned over the course of a pandemic. We are not returning to the before world. It turns our sports is more resilient than we think.

The 7th Inning — The Viewing Experience

  1. The augmented reality fan experience is coming.

The 8th Inning — Expectations

  1. Let’s have the uncomfortable debate — the transgendered athlete and gender treatment in sport in general. How do rights for all intersect with unfair treatment for female athletes? What is a solution everybody can be happy with?
  2. Let’s have another uncomfortable debate. Should we ban athletes from warring countries, regardless of their stance on their nation’s activities.

The 9th Inning — Dreams

  1. Sport in 2040? Let’s loosen our minds what does the future of sport look like. What are the new wrinkles on old games? What are the completely new sports? What is the pace of play? Jessica Gelman, CEO, Kraft Analytics Group, Daryl Morey, President of Basketball Operations, Philadelphia 76ers, Nate Silver, Statistician, Author and Founder FiveThirtyEight, Katie Nolan Host, ESPN and Bill James, famed SABRmetrician debate.
Pole Vault is different on the moon with 1/6th the garvity
Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

Extra Innings — A Tapestry of Sports & Fitness

Chart of the Week:

Lexicon — Word of the Week:

Sports Movies of Note Streaming on Netflix:

Meme of the Week:


Sport of the Week - Kabaddi

Video of the Week:

Inspirational Video of All Time:

A Very Honourable Runner Up:

The Discussion, Debate and Donnybrook:

  • The Olympics — the best of us or bloated nationalistic endeavour
  • Transgendered Athlete Competition — great for diversity & inclusion or unfair to elite female athletes
  • American or European Football — round ball vs. oblong ball
  • Favoured fitness place — Home Gym/Cave, Boutique Gym, Yoga Escape, Park, Arena, Diamond, Pitch, Court, Course, Garden, Trail, Mountain, Waves
  • eSports — competition and drama alongside the best of all sports or not real sports
  • How to save baseball among Gen Zs and Generation Alpha
  • Favourite active weekend wear — Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Asics, Lululemon, Under Armour, Patagonia, North Face (or go off the board)
Digiball Personified

What’s Next:

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Grey Swan Guild

Making Sense of the World’s Biggest Challenges & Next Grey Swans — curating and creating knowledge through observation, informed futurism, and analysis🦢

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