The Future of Sports may be inspired by the books of the present

Editor: @RobTyrie with submissions of the Wrapping And Clubhousing of the Grey Swan Guild’s thinkers, makers and doers in the community.

Supplementary to this Week’s Grey Swan Guild’s Vol 2 18th Edition of the Wrap we take a look at our bookshelves and the books we keep in our journey.

When we think about sports, there is a lot that goes on. First of all what is sport and what did evolve alongside of humans. Is it just the extension of play or is it some construct that is just logical in big, dense somewhat warlike communities?

Some questions consider some sensemaking open questions to help the clear, the complicated, the complex, the chaotic of sports, and sporting — across history and what is emerging into the future:

  1. Why did sports evolve? — The evolution of sport — Science Mag

These questions each deserve inspection and most likely their own editorial or research and inspection. We can take it as food for thought, or more aptly a playbook to create some ideas for the Future of Sports.

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

Before jumping into deep dives into history and current events in this week’s GSG Wrap about the Future of Sports and Fitness, I went to my bookshelf to see what best books about sports I could use as a backbone for this piece.

When one wonders about it… what was the beginning of sports? Did it start with play and survival of the fittest? Or war? Do we all have sports genes that can be activated? All Cultures that are pressed develop hand combat and hidden martial arts. Many sports may evolve across the play to turn to sports. Whether it be Lacross or Polo, modern sports find their origin in connections, competitions, rewards, and reinforcement systems. And fans, it seems there are always a success, failures, fans and critics.

The set has a specific arc that goes from the philosophy of Karate, and existential self-defence, a core individual skill that can be as beautiful as a dance and as brutal as a long-handled weapon that your body can become.

Then we shift to one of the world sports, English football with the lens wide open on the World Cup and the festival of what it has become that focusing on a World Champion Club that is built by a whole country to one of the best soccer couches in the beautiful game today and finally getting into the mind and memory of an individual performer in Toronto, Canada.

The Sports Relate Books recommend for your shelf

“Karate-Do My Way of Life”, by Gichin Funakoshi.

“Budo Secrets Teachings of the Martial Art Masters”, by John Stevens.

“The Thinking Fan’s Guild to the Word Cup”, by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey

“Machester United The Biography”, Jim White

“La Roja How Soccer Conquered Spain, and Spanish Soccer Conquered the World”, by Jimmy Burns

“Pep Guardiola — Another Way of Winning”, by Guillem Balague

“Dero — My Life”, by Dwayne De Rosario

“Long May You Run, All. Things. Running.” by Chris Cooper

Finally, in closing, long may you run, the reading will enhance the experience.

For even more inspiration here is a post edited by my co-founder at the Grey Swan GuildMore than 100 inspirational quotes from the sporting world. If you're looking forward to it, these will definitely pump you up.

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