The Future of Sports may be inspired by the books of the present

  1. Why did sports evolve? — The evolution of sport — Science Mag
  2. Do animals have organized sports or is it just play? They do team sports with humans —
  3. What do humans gain from sports? A lot according to scientists — The National Institute of Health
  4. What were the first professional sports? Wrestling? Hunting? A lot makes sense because of survival needs and the need to train children — CataWiki
  5. Why is sports entertainment such a large industry? It’s big. Really big -Yahoo.
  6. Are emerging e*sports “real” sports? It’s a worthy debate an Alpha Generation discussion— McGill University Student Newspaper
  7. Have the Olympics run its course? There is a proper shadow over this world money-losing, money-laundering and money-making events — The Atlantic
  8. What is the future of sports? Looking forward it is likely that there will be sports 100 years from now — The Aspen Institute
  9. What is flow and why is it so closely associated with sport? Flow is another part of consciousness, that is different from subconsciousness, consciousness, or event the hypnotic state — Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  10. Will it be part of the Metaverse? You bet your bitcoin it will —
  11. Will cheating in sports stop? You bet your bottom bitcoin, it won’t — The Smithsonian Institute Magazine.
Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

The Sports Relate Books recommend for your shelf

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