Possible next grey swan.

The Grey Swan Guild News Wrap — The Week That Was Friday, June 11th, 2021.

Grey Swan Guild News Wrap Edition: #21 of Vol. 1

These are a series of stories and headlines we are tracking in the
Grey Swan Guild’s Global League of Sensemakers Newsroom. Here is The Great, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of what we observed this week.

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This week's theme is global perspectives and this morning we had a great Grey Swan Atelier #3: Around The World Sensemaking.
Mainly were eight Geographic Lenses, discussed and shared, on What’s Happening in Different Parts of the World on the Key Topics of The Day.

The scope of how we see the world. From down here, the Argentinian President was extremely careless in his discourse and context, misusing examples, disparagingly referred to various nations in a pejorative way.

One way to also connect the dots is to see all the problems that occurred with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram that fell (in many parts of the world), which makes me think all the time if we are not facing a possible next grey swan, what makes communication and technologies be out there in the wild for hackers and cyber terrorism make the dent in humanity.


Let’s Wrap.

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The Great 😇

Bitcoin becomes legal tender. Photo on Unsplash
  1. After El Salvador, Paraguay Hints at Bitcoin PayPal Project. What could go wrong with the maverick, Tony-Stark-est, Elon Musk as a cheerleader for the valuation of Bitcoin?
    We suppose that the implied volatility could be seen as a demand for improvements to the blockchain so a country can use it as a currency. In this case, It seems the main case in using Bitcoin is to have a better, almost free way to do remittance between the US and other rich countries.
    The US banks and Western Union should be showing concern as banking disruption may occur disappearing some sweet easy annuity of international wire transfers at the cost of externalized carbon and other greenhouse gases. Look to Citibank on other establishment banks to play the carbon card to slow this inevitable transition to cryptocurrency use in trustful transactions. Last we look it costs around $30 to send $5,000CAD to El Salvador. A Silver Swan may me that government may get a better handle on money laundering and cyber extortion. Some banking extortion to the public too.

2. U.S. regulators on Monday approved Biogen Inc’s (BIIB.O) aducanumab as the first treatment to attack a likely cause of Alzheimer’s disease despite controversy over whether the clinical evidence proves the drug works, sending its shares soaring. Will this spawn a series of mRNA vaccines.
There are related trials and research for other possible mRNA treatments for the flu, malaria, and forms of cancer.
A since the common cold is a coronavirus, how would curing it change the world. That is the stuff of science fiction.

We are really entering the future by leaps and bounds because all our biology is going to be scanned by machines that are going to know perfectly AND pertinently how they have to act, where they have to act, what they have to do and disease and death (like most transhumanists say) will be a choice.

3. A microscopic animal has been revived after slumbering in the Arctic permafrost for 24,000 years.
Bdelloid rotifers typically live in watery environments and have an incredible ability to survive. Russian scientists found the creatures in a core of frozen soil extracted from the Siberian permafrost using a drilling rig.😀 [what is great about this… better flavor with the deep aging? Or are we going to be waking mastodons in Jurassic Park Quantum Part 3?

Again gene-editing plays a very important role, we know for a long time that scientists are trying to revive or have animal samples from the past.

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

The Good😊🙌

  1. Avocados and their resultant product Guac are on fire — up 33% year over year.
    We all know that it is an expensive fruit and it has very high prices.It’s why a superfood that makes us feel very good both physically and intellectually, avocado toasts have become fashionable, we have seen this for a long time. The prices had soared and more this plandemic year that we have been locked in our house.
    The market gives what the market wants. # stay healthy
  2. Bezos and his brother launch themselves into space.

One of the most relevant news of the week was that the former CEO of Amazon is going to be part of a space trip to a stratosphere orbit.
Week by week what we are seeing in the news is more and more relevance of news related to space and the space industry.
It seems that now the space race occurs between the most influential people on the planet And especially the billionaires which are the main creditors of the space companies, that are going to put man on a journey without returning to earth what makes them watch for their interests, first of all, to test technologies and thus set the example as opinion leaders so that others can take part all this being first. It all starts with the Hollywood stars.

3. Tech firms ditch four-year degrees requirement.

Deloitte ended their requirement for staff having degrees years ago and Google is busily disrupting the degree with direct training a certification.
Why ask a teacher, college or university when you can do it yourself? his type of problem for the more stable parts of training are ripe for various AI technique. Like using Deep Learning to create a superhuman chess AI, why not an AI to generate a calculus class or physics class to “play against” and learn calculus a new way.

The paradigm of education is an old model that has to change and adopt a new exponential model of Leadership where continuous learning is key to survive in the future.

The Bad 😬

Photo by USGS on Unsplash
  1. Is work leisure the new dress code for work?

Going back to work and to the offices is going to leave us with something that we were not prepared for.
The casual dress became something we never thought was going to be a part of etiquette. Causal Fridays are not optative anymore.

2. “The Mexicans came out of the Indians, the Brazilians came out of the jungle, but we Argentines came from the ships,” Argentine President Alberto Fernández said on Wednesday during a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart, Pedro Sánchez.

Para la habla hispana. Dejá muchacho, en la que te metiste!

Alberto Fernandez. “Los mexicanos salieron de los indios, los brasileros salieron de la selva, pero nosotros los argentinos llegamos de los barcos”, expresó este miércoles el presidente argentino Alberto Fernández durante una conferencia de prensa conjunta con su par español, Pedro Sánchez.

3. Growth is slowing on smartphones and broadband but we are addicted.

Today our mobile devices are a need as great as any basic good that we have the right to access. Today technology and communications have become a total intrinsic part of our lives, which makes us have a level of dependence totally every time which much more intensity.

Stay home, stay connected, has become much more rooted in us.

The Ugly 😱

Photo by Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash
  1. C02 levels are 50% higher than pre-industrial time.

Today we have to know where we stand and how we contribute to global warming being the least thing in our lives that we can be the generation that is going to be able to solve climate change.This has to make us think more and more that we have to be aware of leveling the CO2 levels to be able to survive and breathe on a planet with the atmosphere that has been totally beneficial for us in our existence.

2. This used to be called paternalism. Now it is a solution. Digging in… Is this just a recognition that part of your workforce is burning out and the only way to stop the build it over stress and overwork is to shut the whole company down. Seriously? US companies have to do better. Start with 8 weeks of vacation as a standard and hire or build to that. And all roles have to take a 2-week vacation each year to improve systems and build in resiliency to the company. Do better or be regulated? Do better or unions may reappear? There must be a better way than promising staff that if they overwork, they may become a manager or cxo one day. That is just not realistic. The system is broken and the pandemic has unveiled the rift between staff and company.

3. “Gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) has been hacked and the cyberattackers are now selling access to the company’s games and servers, according to screenshots of underground hacking forums obtained by Motherboard.”

“Messages found on the hacking forums indicate the attackers took 780 GB of data from the company and have full access to FIFA 21 matchmaking servers, FIFA 22 API keys and some software development kits for Microsoft Xbox and Sony. They also purport to have much more, including the source code and debugging tools for Frostbite, which powers EA’s most popular games like Battlefield, FIFA, and Madden.”

“You have full capability of exploiting on all EA services,” one attacker’s message said, noting that there are hundreds of million of registered EA users around the world and nearly nine million FIFA users. The messages included samples of what was stolen and indicate that the attackers are selling the batch of data and access for $28 million.

The Tapestry

Meme of the Week

Let’s say no more, with the passing of this year we feel that we are getting really older fast, but have questioned ourselves how old, we are. Here we leave you this photo of the Beastie Boys so you can see how old it can get you just looking at it.

Chart of the Week

Bitcoin’s price jumped Wednesday by the most in two weeks amid mounting inflation concerns and hopes for mass adoption after El Salvador’s parliament approved the cryptocurrency as legal tender.

The cryptocurrency was changing hands near $36,500 at press time, having picked up from a bid near $31,000 late Tuesday. The price was up 9% since 0:00 coordinated universal time, the biggest gain since May 24.

Term of the Week

Cyber Gangs

Cyber crime gangs have been operating for years, but in recent months, they’ve shifted tactics. They’ve embraced new technologies, exploited new opportunities, delivered new payloads and sought out new targets. Their aim is to maximize the amount of money they can collect through cyber crime.

Gangs, such as Cosmic Lynx, Exaggerated Lion, Fin7 and Florentine Banker, have become major threats. Cyber crime gangs are getting smarter, increasingly basing their operations in countries beyond the legal reach of their targets. That enables them to engage in long-term attacks and continue using them after discovery. They’re banding together more than before. And they’re combining crimes — for example, ransomware and extortion.

Photo of the Week

lunar eclipse.

Let’s not forget that this week we were left with a lunar eclipse that was seen in the northern hemisphere.

To connect the dots, it will not be that which is causing communications to fall as well and capable that they are not only cyberterrorist attacks, we believe that the retrograde on Mars is affecting more than ever and global systems communication is impossible to sustain.

Video of the Week

so, so, so, mmeettaaa.

For now, it seems to me the most META that the guild has done in terms of content as we are publishing today for the first time an experiment, that is an editing session today in the afternoon, and before publishing the wrap we are passing down the video to check us talk the wrap about the wrap at the wrap.

Also 21 it;s a number I really like so… humbled…

That’s the Wrap! Your thoughts?

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See you next week for Edition #22 where we will ponder and ruminate on the week that was, what it means for the future, and Wrap it for you.

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