“The Pen is Mightier than the Sword - The Emergence of Infodemics that Hurt the World”

Information Explosion

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Abused Information Fans Fear

The 2020 Documentary 76 Day — Experience in Wuhan, China

An approach — Infodemic Management

Calls to action should start with individuals

  1. Develop a set of trusted sources for health safety information.
  2. Think critically if health information is not coming from health institutions.
  3. Before you forward or share an article on email, chat or social media, read it.
  4. Observe the language that comes with advice. Be wary of overly emotional or toxic language.
  5. Build a network of trust in your community that can help you understand the disease and the different safety steps you should be taking.
  6. Learn the stages of how scientific information is developed from hypothesis to experiments, theories, and clinical trials.
  7. Understand that there will not be sure answers when information is limited and it might take patience and time before better information and advice is available.
  8. Learn to understand the risks of one behaviour over another. Probabilities are important.



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