Virtual Living — The Week that Was. The Wrap #10

  • Digital fashion designers can experiment with materials without using them.
  • Medical professionals who can examine a digital double of your body when you need help overcoming an illness or injury.
  • Tour guides. Imagine someone who can guide you around incredible places within the metaverse, just like a physical tour guide. The only difference is there’s really no limit to what or where you can tour in the metaverse.
  • Construct architect. A construct in the metaverse is an element developed from scratch, such as an experience, object, or place. This will require a lot of creative skill and expertise from developers and designers.
  • Smart contract lawyers. Deals and transactions in the metaverse will require new methods ensuring legality. Blockchain technology and smart contract lawyers may become more essential in this digital age.
Working 9 to 5 in the Metaverse
Virtual Etihad Stadium
  • Speak with a metaverse real estate broker. Yes, the metaverse has its own real estate industry, with mortgage providers, brokers, and agents who specialize in this space.
  • Explore an affordable metaverse mortgage. Note that metaverse mortgages are an emerging idea and there are only a few companies offering this facility.
  • Purchase metaverse land outright using cryptocurrency. This is the most straightforward way to buy land in the metaverse and is most suitable for small and affordable purchases.
How can I buy land in the metaverse?
The Motor Neurone Disease Association collaborated with technologists to create a voice banking scheme to create synthetic and natural sounding voices for those losing their ability to speak.
Oleksandr “Alex” Bornyakov, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation
VR circa 1992 “The Lawn Mowerman”


Surgeons perform surgery using AR
Zelensky addresses the U.K. House of Commons virtually


How VR helps people with Dementia
Can we still make a more ethical web?
Here’s a list of the best books that found a second life thanks to TikTok
Top Tiktok product recommendations


What does the metaverse mean for kids


Cyber attacks and bot farms threaten humanitarian orgs
Cyber attacks increasing on U.S. natural gas installations


Virtual cops
Scene from the video game, This War of Mine
Photo by Kate McLean on Unsplash


The metaverse, explained

Lexicon — New words that describe old things

  1. the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment. There was no meatspace before there was the idea of cyberspace.
  • From: Oxford Dictionary

VR Movie of the Week

VR Game of the Week … only available on Oculus

The Room — This will blow you away.

Infographic of the Week

Best Product You Can’t Actually Buy in Real Life

Metaverse Trademark of the Week

Meme of the Week — Who else can relate?


25 Best Virtual Reality Space in the Meta You Can Play and Visit Right Now

Moss VR game


Grey Swan Guild — Our Mission



Making Sense of the World’s Biggest Challenges & Next Grey Swans — curating and creating knowledge through observation, informed futurism, and analysis🦢

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Grey Swan Guild

Grey Swan Guild


Making Sense of the World’s Biggest Challenges & Next Grey Swans — curating and creating knowledge through observation, informed futurism, and analysis🦢