Introducing Cygnus Sprints …

What is the Cygnus Sprints Group:

Nothing is quite like it in the world, and we believe Cygnus Sprints is a model that will be repeated again and again by others after we’ve hatched ours this month.

  • why do your consulting projects go on for what seems forever, locked in some double speak, jargon-rich purgatory (some with even locked-in, multi-year contracts) — we want to make progress in your world in three months or less — all of what we do will be motivated by giving the best value per day in the marketplace
  • we have landed on an opening roster of seven sprints (with some optional extras) that are focused on your company’s most imposing “non-business as usual” work — intro, sensemaking, scanning, discovery, strategy, innovation and transformation sprints
  • we have pulled together 25+ principals and advisors from the deepest pool of talent inside our Guild who are motivated to do their best work, incentivised to do it speedily, smart enough to ask the right questions and steeped enough to cover off 50+ disciplines of change.

Cygnus Sprints — The Core Problems We Solve for Partners & Clients

  • External Complexity — the world is 4x faster, 8x more uncertain and 12x more ambiguous than it was a generation ago. The last two years of a pandemic has shown quite provocatively that winners need to operate under less-than-precise conditions, murky futures and on the turn of a dime. We do that, and embrace that.
  • The Incumbent Problem — ask most companies, causes or civic groups about their service partners and the average answer is less than impressed. There is so much waste, rigidity, sticker shock and traditional thinking and operations in agencies, boutiques and management consulting firms. There is even less traction on getting to solutions that will actually help or see the light of day. We solve that, empathize with that (many of us are former clients or company owners) and embrace progress.
  • The Missing Need — organizations are so damn busy managing their near term, the partners they bring in focused on the future better be quick in thought and execution, speedy in demonstrating value, experienced enough to draw on past work (vs. learning on the job) and collaborative to work on your immediate challenges (not show off their own aloof brilliance). We are that one-stop source for quick, collaborative and forward momentum on your next needs.

Cygnus Sprints — The Core Opportunities We Offer Our Members

  • Popularity & Common Sense — we considered fifty ventures, Cygnus Sprints was voted #1 by members. It makes sense with the chaotic world around them; it’s motivating for their collaborative DNA to work as a distributed team; it’s consistent with the upswing to remote work; and it’s economically interesting as a free agent approach to servicing clients. It’s business simply done better.
  • Building Value — the Grey Swan Guild has 50 shades of different thinkers from anthropologists to zoologists and every change agent in between. Why hold all this talent just for our own Guild ventures? Let’s extend the circle for the benefit of all.
  • The Power of a Guild — many of our Guild members work as either independents, in small companies or in project work, the idea of working on initiatives beyond their own singular talents, capacities and disciplines is motivating to them. In our Guild math, 1+1+1 truly does add up to more than 3.

The Menu of Cygnus Sprints — Not Too Hard, Not too Soft, Just Right

We are offering seven sprint solutions right out of the gate, with the ability to add some extras or execute these sprints in combination

  • we can inspire, freshen up and drive seed directions for your leadership and teams better than the other people, it’s what we do — we even have 50+ freshly updated keynotes ready to give with very little notice and we host a deep dive on a new craft each week of the year
  • most partners haven’t even heard of sensemaking, never mind execute something behind it (read our 20 Reasons Sensemaking posts) — we make the complex, complicated and chaotic simpler, we make the unclear clearer, we instinctively see the connections and frame those challenges back to you more credibly than the other people
  • our Grey Swan Guild was started in the midst of a pandemic, our name itself implies our ongoing discovery of wild cards, uncertainties, new avenues of pursuit, omnifutures and Grey Swans, it’s not just a discipline, it’s a passion of ours
  • we are masters of six methods of tumbling the future for partner benefits, between our Guild’s Weathervane research group, global group of futurist and foresighters and bank of trends & forces, we are able to backcast implications for the now by anticipating, exploring, considering, quantifying, acting on and sharing about the future-lypse better than the other people
  • strategic planning is typically an annual function of companies, we can bring the best management minds to provide blueprints, range of options, validation and implementation paths to you future one, three, five and ten year directions
  • with command of hybrids of thirty+ leading innovation approaches and thirty+forces, our teams can help you start, explore, search, venture, introduce, scale and embed innovation more deeply and profoundly inside your organizations
  • tapping into leadership, culture, technology and process work to get companies, their staff and supply chains through major shifts, liminalities and change imperatives, we have change agents able to facilitate executive and business teams through all varieties of transformation
  • dashes (keynotes, content marketing)
  • hurdles (implementation work)
  • decathlon (training) or
  • marathons (ongoing counsel)

Recap of Cygnus Sprints’ Benefits:

  • The World is Complex and Faster — even the best client teams don’t have the time to keep pace with the world around them, Cygnus plugs the gap
  • The Consulting & Advisory Industry is Riddled with Challenges — Cygnus provides relief from traditional thinking and the baggage of big consulting, we are better synced up for today’s age and client needs
  • The Value Equation — Cygnus has a business model that provides better expertise & expertise, at quicker speed, with more bang for the buck
  • The All-Star Team — we are the New York Yankees, Real Madrid or Boston Celtics of consulting teams, a deep bench of experience of 25+ principals that can play every position required, backed up by a guild of 4,000+ professionals
  • The Magnificent Seven Sprints — we have seven sprints that we know how to perform well, know how to customize well, and know how to develop tangible progress for partners and clients in less than 3 months

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